How to Get Started

We recommend fasting your dog for 24 hours before starting
on a raw diet. This gives the digestive tract to push out the rest of the
unhealthy previous foods fed first, and start fresh. Kibble and canned foods
usually take 24 hours to pass through the system while raw food only takes
10-12 hours.

How much to feed per day strongly depends on breed, exercise
level, age and metabolism. You’re welcome to bring your dog to the store for
weighing on a regular basis. You can always try for 2 weeks to feed a certain
amount per day and then pop by to see if they weight stays consistent or if you
have to decrease or increase your daily meals.

It is best to feed only once per day at a different time each
day. This ensures that your pet’s digestive tract gets a break. Think “wolves”…
would they catch something more than once a day? Try it for a couple of months
and you’ll see the improved temperament, confidence, balanced energy level in
your dog for yourself.