Is Bacteria dangerous for my dog or cat?

Dogs and cats can tolerate bacteria much better than humans. Dogs are not picky as to what they lick and sniff or eat off the ground – for that exact reason.

Dogs and cats have saliva which contains bacteria-fighting enzymes to keep them healthy. Their digestive tract is also much shorter than those of humans, which guarantees a quick process of meat and bones before bacteria can even build up in the system. Furthermore, canines and felines have highly acidic gastric juices that can break down bacteria in their stomach easily.

Your pet can handle a fair amount of bacteria without any issue. Any high quality – human grade meat – raw pet food should be no problem. Always trust your instinct: If you look at the food you’re purchasing for your pet, and you wouldn’t eat it yourself, why give it to your dog or cat?

Will my dog get diarrhea from raw diet?

On the contrary: We often hear from first time customers that the first few days they thought that their dog was constipated because so little poop came out. Be prepared for a lot less daily stool in your backyard than before! It comes out as hard little dry balls, for small dogs the size of cherries, for larger dogs usually the size of walnuts.

If you feed the proper balance between meat and bone, organ meat and trip your pooches stool will always be perfect. During the transition time from other foods to raw there usually is a “detoxification process”. Imagine a garden hose with built up soft and kibble food all along the inside walls. Just by feeding those foods, there is nothing hard enough being passed through to scrub the walls clean and healthy. So when starting to feed raw, these walls get “bottle scrubbed” so to speak and the remnants of the colon get flushed out with the poop. This is a great thing! Often it has a jell-o kind of consistency and comes out either first or last when your pooch has to go. Be proud of that process as it means you’re healing your dog.

Can I feed my dog the same meat/protein day after day?

We do recommend switching it up and not feed any protein
more than twice per week to avoid food intolerances and allergies. We unfortunately
see many dogs who were fed raw from birth on, but have severe medical
conditions such as chronic ear infections, digestive tract damage or skin
conditions as young as age four… because the owners are exclusively feeding
chicken every day! Just like humans need variety in their diet, so do dogs and
cats. If that wasn’t a necessity, canines and felines in the wild would not
rely on hunting different species but eat the same food source daily as well.
Makes sense doesn’t it?

Can I feed raw and kibble together?

Certainly we do believe that feeding a balanced raw diet is best. If you feel you still need to feed some kibble (due to budget or convenience), or because you haven’t made up your mind yet, we strongly suggest you stay with kibble until you’re ready to make a full switch. Kibble takes a minimum of 24 hours to pass through the digestive tract while raw only takes 10-12 hours. We can only suggest sticking with one or the other. When you feed kibble first (or the same day) and after that a meal of raw, the raw gets trapped in behind the kibble and will start to rot. This is highly dangerous for your dog and cat.

Other raw companies at the stores add veggies and/or fruit to their portions. Why don’t you?

The only explanations we have for other companies adding
veggies and fruit is that it is a) used as a cheap filler and b) that consumers
actually believe that plant material is good for their dogs. We suggest to have
a closer look at your pet’s poop if you feed those ingredients: they will
reappear in the stool the same way as they went in. Which tells you that they
are indigestible for your pooch.

Where do your products come from?

We mostly buy Ontario
meat and federally inspected products for human consumption. The only thing
that comes from “down under” is the goat/lamb?

I like the idea of feeding my dog raw but don’t want to put daily meals together myself. Are there other options?

YES. We also offer complete and balanced pre-packaged daily meals for any size, breed and age of dog. It is as simple as “thaw and serve”. For more information visit us at www.CaninesLoveRaw.com. For booking a free seminar and starting your pooch on complete and balanced daily portions with CLR please email info@CaninesLoveRaw.com.