At Top Notch Raw there is NO waiting in line necessary! Just email us your order and desired pick up date. We email you back the total for the e-transfer. On pick up day all you have to do is stick your head in the door and say who you’re picking up for: we will carry the order outside to the parking lot for you!

We pride ourselves of “Quick in and out service”… the longest any customers have waited for their orders was maybe 2 minutes! Barely enough time to grab a free lolly pop from our bin at the cash register.

NOTE: Our Saturday Nail-Clip Walk-In Clinic at Mutt Lodge has been postponed until May. Please check website and social media for updates. Stay safe!


Top Notch Raw is passionately dedicated to providing our dog and cat friends with cost efficient, REAL RAW food that is just as easy to feed as it is wholesome and nutritious.

We offer 2 lb bags of each product as well as large bulk boxes.


We produce a large range of pet food products for both dogs
and cats including meals, organ meat, bones, dehydrated treats and supplements. All our products are human grade quality, antibiotic and hormone free. We do not sell low quality meats for pet consumption only, which are offered by suppliers at cheaper cost, but also cheaper quality. You will notice a difference and enjoy our top notch quality with your first order!


Top Notch Raw offers only premium proteins — all natural,
whole muscle and organ meat and bones, with absolutely zero preservatives or chemicals. All products are antibiotic and hormone free. This results in healthier and happier dogs. Medical concerns such as red eyes, dry skin, loose stools, excessive shedding, bad breath, hyperness and low energy are dramatically mitigated when your dog is eating what nature intended!


A raw food diet results in lower vet bills and fewer vet visits making happier pet parents. Instead on focusing on a dog becoming sick, focus on keeping your dog healthy! This begins with a species appropriate diet – as nature intended – which provides the pet with necessary tools to have optimum health.


Come and enjoy shopping in our clean, warm and welcoming environment!
Our friendly and helpful staff assists you to select the right products for
your dogs and cats. We look forward to serving you.